Hey, it's me.

I am Felix, a Computer Science Student living in Cologne (Germany), born in 1994 and tired of updating my age.

After finishing my apprenticeship in Mechatronics at Schwarze Robitec, I spend some time working as a Software Developer in different companies. Currently I work as a DevOps Engineer at inovex while studying.

Trying out new technologies is one thing I love the most doing in my spare time.
I also enjoy solving difficult boulder problems and strumming the guitar.
If you are not already doing, try it out yourself! It’s worth it :)

Now take a step back, relax and have fun exploring!

Open Source Projects

Elo Hell - Elo ranking system build with Svelte and Sapper
InstaPy GUI - Platform for managing Instagram autmation tools, Microservices Architecture with Web Frontend
King Bot Api - Reverse engineered Travian Kingdoms API, Bot in TypeScript with PreactJS Web Frontend
AnyNews - HackerNews Clone in Mithril.js
King Bot - Selenium Bot for Travian Kingdoms Browsergame in Python
ReactJs GraphQL Authentication - Authentication template with JWT, ReactJS and GraphQL
Async Socket TCP - TCP client and server written in C# for Web- or MMORPG-Server
Series Monitor - JavaFX project to track your series progression and informing for latest episodes

Italic projects are links to behind the scenes articles. Otherwhise it’s a link to GitHub.

Reference Projects

danielkueffler.de - Bootstrap and Hosting personal Influencer Website with Ghost
DasWerkHaus Online Shop - Set up a Shopify Web Shop