Things to know before getting poor in Las Vegas

We just spend one night in Las Vegas to have some fun and here are some of our learnings that we would loved to know before we started our journey of gambling.


ATMs inside the Casinos usually take a 10% supercharge-fee. Your trip will be expensive enough without fees. Better bet this money instead of paying it to some random ATM company.

Clubbing Tickets

Research clubs, parties or other events beforehand and try to buy tickets if they are available. Guys typically have to spend more money on tickets than girls. Prizes also change during the evening so buying it before your trip is alwas a good idea to not wait for hours in line just to be broke after.


There are flatrate parking spots in nearly every big hotel for around 15 - 25 Dollar per day depending on the day of the week. Don’t forget to park in front of the Hostel unload your baggage! It looks weird wandering around Vegas with a huge bag. Trust me. I’ve been through this…


Expensive. Get drinks in a store and drink them on your room unless you wanna pay 30 bucks for a Vodka Energy.


Be prepared to show your Identity Card everytime you want to watch or play at a table. Everybody who looks to be younger than 35 will be asked for his ID. This is a standard procedure, be prepared just hand out your card. You’ll get it back for sure!