Kubernetes Node SSH Proxy Plugin - Tunnel your Node with ease

Project Overview: KubeSSHProxy is a powerful kubectl plugin designed to simplify and enhance internet connectivity for developers working in Kubernetes environments. This plugin facilitates the creation of an SSH proxy tunnel to a specified Kubernetes node, allowing users to route their browser traffic through this tunnel and access the internet securely.

Key Features:

  1. Seamless Integration with kubectl: KubeSSHProxy seamlessly integrates with the popular Kubernetes command-line tool, kubectl. Users can effortlessly initiate and manage SSH proxy tunnels directly from their terminal.
  2. Dynamic Node Selection: The plugin allows users to dynamically select a Kubernetes node to establish an SSH tunnel. This flexibility is particularly useful for scenarios where specific nodes need to be utilized based on workload requirements.
  3. Secure Communication: KubeSSHProxy ensures secure communication by leveraging SSH for tunneling. This adds an extra layer of encryption, making the internet connection through the Kubernetes node highly secure.
  4. Browser Proxy Configuration: Users can easily configure their browser proxy settings to channel internet traffic through the established SSH proxy tunnel. This feature is invaluable for scenarios where developers need to access external resources securely through the Kubernetes infrastructure.
  5. Traffic Monitoring and Logging: The plugin provides options for monitoring and logging traffic passing through the SSH proxy tunnel. This feature aids in debugging, analyzing network patterns, and ensuring compliance with security policies.
  6. Customizable Settings: KubeSSHProxy is designed to be highly customizable. Users can tweak settings such as tunnel ports, timeouts, and other parameters to suit their specific requirements.

Use Cases:

  1. Secure Browsing in Restricted Environments: Developers can use KubeSSHProxy to securely browse the internet through a Kubernetes node, even in restrictive network environments, ensuring a consistent and secure development experience.
  2. Testing and Troubleshooting: The plugin is beneficial for testing and troubleshooting scenarios where internet connectivity needs to be validated or when specific traffic patterns need to be analyzed.
  3. Proxying Requests through Kubernetes Infrastructure: Organizations with security policies requiring internet traffic to pass through specific nodes can utilize KubeSSHProxy to enforce these policies seamlessly.

Getting Started:

  1. Install the kubectl plugin:
    kubectl krew install ssh-proxy
  2. Create an SSH proxy tunnel to a Kubernetes node:
    kubectl ssh-proxy create -n <node-name>
  3. Configure your browser to use the created SSH proxy tunnel.


  • kubectl
  • OpenSSH

Disclaimer: This is just a rough idea of how the Plugin could work if implemented. There is no code yet.