The Backend-Free Solution for Seamless Blogging

Introducing Phantom – a groundbreaking project that redefines the landscape of personal website and blog management by eliminating the need for a traditional backend. Unlike conventional setups, Phantom leverages the power of Amazon S3 storage as the sole backend, transforming your client into a dynamic yet entirely static website.

Security meets simplicity with Phantom. The S3 bucket, serving as the backbone for content storage, is intentionally public-facing. What sets Phantom apart is the encryption of S3 credentials (username and password) with your admin password. Upon entering the admin panel password, Phantom seamlessly decrypts these credentials, providing you secure access to update your blog posts, images, and overall website content.

The absence of a conventional backend is Phantom’s standout feature. Your client becomes a static website, and the only backend in play is the S3 storage, making it an efficient and straightforward solution. Content management becomes a breeze – just enter your password, and you’re ready to update and enhance your online presence.

Phantom takes theme management to a new level. Install themes effortlessly, and they are downloaded and extracted directly into your S3 bucket. Notably, Phantom adopts the same theme API as Ghost CMS, ensuring compatibility with existing Ghost themes. This unique feature expands your customization options without the need for an elaborate backend setup.

In essence, Phantom stands out as a backend-free alternative to traditional content management systems. Its feature-oriented design emphasizes the simplicity of a static website client, backed by secure and efficient content management via S3 storage. Experience a new era of hassle-free blogging with Phantom.