Share Music with an Innovative Monetization approach

Introducing HarmoniWave, a groundbreaking music-sharing platform tailored for DJs and musicians, akin to SoundCloud or Mixcloud. HarmoniWave provides a seamless space for artists to upload and showcase their tracks and DJ sets, securely stored in our robust S3 backend storage.

What sets HarmoniWave apart is its innovative monetization approach, offering two distinct models to cover platform costs. Musicians can opt to either monetize their content by playing ads within their songs or choose to pay for streams until a specified limit, ensuring users enjoy uninterrupted ad-free listening experiences.

On the flip side, users also have the freedom to take control of their listening experience. They can choose to pay for their streams independently, and the money allocated by the musician remains untouched. In the event that the platform generates more revenue than it consumes, musicians will receive payouts.